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We are a small team of hardworking and fun loving people. In this blog, we have collected some best statuses for your Whatsapp and facebook and captions for Instagram.

Q.) What is offer?

A.) We offer a huge collection of quotes/statuses/captions and slogans which you can use on your Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.

Q.) Where we Collected the Images and Pics that is being Used in Thequoteshub?

A.) Most of the Images and Posters in Posts are made by us, Though We Collected Some Images and Poster around the Internet and we gave them PROPER ATTRIBUTES for that. “In case If you find Some Images and Pics belongs to You and Without Attributes Just Shoot us a Mail with Proper Data and Your Information that will Prove that the Art is Belongs to you before you File any Copyright Issue.”

Q.) Can I use the Images or Posters from Thequoteshub?

A.) Yes, you can, Please Make sure that You have Given Us Thanks Giving ATTRIBUTE to Link back to Our Site. It will be Grateful for Us.

Q.) Do you agree with all the quotes, Are all quotes true?

A.)  We agree with some quotes and differ in some other. It depends on the quotes. All Quotes shown here are written by Famous personalities. We don’t have Authority to Modify them Because It is Made by them. We don’t advertise their views nor we take any responsibility for the statements on the quotes/statuses.

Q.) Can I advertise on your site?

A.) Yes, you can advertise with us. is growing day by day. We have a good visitor base.  For any advertise related queries please mail us at “

Q.) How can we contact you or submit Quotes/statuses?

A.) Please use the contact form on the Contact Us page to contact us.

Q.) Do you have the social media presence?

A.) YES. You can Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and Pinterest.