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100+ Sad Emotional Status for Facebook & Whatsapp | Emotional Quotes 2018

Emotions are psychophysiological, biological and mental state expressions caused by adaptation to certain stimuli, feelings are the result of these emotions, is what we feel.There are many types of emotions and they are expressed in very different ways, but all of them fulfill some role for our psychological framework. Some people have stopped showing their feelings. There are so many experiences that we carry in our backpack that, in one way or another, we have learned to live in a constant repression, blurring our affections, our fears or our passions to conform to a state of emotional repression. But, if we stop to think for a few seconds, we will realize that we are emotional beings and we have a natural need that drives us to let feelings and emotions surface. We have selected famous emotional status and emotional quotes that tell us about emotions. Some are more literal, and others more allegorical, but all remind us that we should be in touch with our emotional side.

We all get emotional at some point in our lives, So we have shared some most touching emotional statuses and quotes that you can share with your friends and loved ones via Whatsapp and Facebook.

My silence is just an other word for my pain.

Here I go faking smiles again.

Just because I’m strong enough to handle the pain doesn’t mean I deserve it.

Listen to your heart before you tell him goodbye.

Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. It’s a sign that you have a big heart, and that you aren’t afraid to let others see it. Showing your emotions is a sign of strength.

Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.

Its hard to tell your mind to stop loving someone if your heart still does.

The greater your capacity to love, the greater your capacity to feel the pain.

Some days are just bad days, that’s all. You have to experience sadness to know happiness, and I remind myself that not every day is going to be a good day, that’s just the way it is!

It’s hard to wait around for something that you know might not happen but it’s even harder to give up,when you know it’s everything you ever wanted…

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Don’t take me for granted,cause unlike the rest.I am not afraid to walk away.

Before you make more promises, learn the meaning of forever.

May it’s not about the happy ending.May be it’s about story…

Some feelings will keep haunting you until you face them and tame the demons of your past.

Ur emotions trouble U only in those things which U call yours…

You want me to act like we’ve never kissed, you want to forget; pretend we’ve never met, and I’ve tried and I’ve tried, but I haven’t yet … You walk by, and I fall to pieces.

Don’t give special place to any one in your heart. Its easy to give that place but it hurts more when they don’t know the value of that place

The more you care, the more it hurts.

My silence is just another word for my pain.

Never let your emotions overpower your intelligence.

Her heart finally told her to stop wasting her time.

You’ll just never know so many emotions I choose not to show.

If in my dreams, you are mine; then let me sleep and hold you forever.

I was born the day you kissed me, and I died inside the night you left me. But I lived, oh how I lived while you loved me.

You say it, you do it, but what really matters is what you do not.

Do not look where you fell _but where U slipped…!

I hate it when crying is the only way to feel better.

If you leave without a reason dont come back with an excuse.

All I know is that I’m lost without you.

You have to remember that everybody changes and emotions fade.

I never stopped loving you, I just stopped showing it

God is closest to those people who have broken hearts.

I love crying in the rain. because when i do, no one can hear the pain.

Some say its painful to wait someone. Some say its painful to forget someone. But the worst pain comes when you don’t know whether to wait or forget

Those who dives in the skies of love knows the risk of getting themselves hurt from the fall.

I Feel So Stupid for Still Loving You :/

One will never appreciate love when it’s still around until it gets away.

During those times when you are down and you have nothing, look around; are those who stayed by your side are the same people who you’ve helped during their worst. I don’t think so.

It’s hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.

I hate when i am laying in bed looking out my window for the moon and stars,but i can’t find the Moon…

If you love me, let me know. If not, please gently let me go.

As soon as forever is through, I’ll be over you.

One thing you can’t hide – is when you’re crippled inside.

Being single is smarter than _being in the wrong relationship.

I have too many fantasies to be a housewife.I guess i am a fantasy…

It’s easier to say you’re mad than to admit you’re hurt.

Mat puchh kaise guzar rahi h zindagi, Uss daur se guzar rahi hu jo guzarta hi nhi..!!

I did everything right for someone that does everything wrong..

There is no such beauty as that which is found in…

Best friends are there for you. But real best friends? They aren’t exist…

It is not the relationship that I fear; it is the risk of getting ripped apart by the hands of the person you trusted not to break it.

Cry as I may these tears won’t wash you away.

I have learned now that while those who speak about one’s miseries usually hurt, those who keep silence hurt more.

Never be sad for what is over,just be glad that it was once yours…

I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.

Never trust those people who don’t understand your feelings

Do not make a decision when emotions are raging within your veins or you will soon regret it.

Life is an emotional journey in every corner.

Sometimes i keep my feelings to myself because its hard for someone else to understand them ?

Sometimes one hello, makes U never want to say goodbye…

Tears come from the heart and not from the brain.

It sucks how some people use you when they need you and then they put you aside like you didn’t even matter to them from the beginning…

Always the best smile comes out with tears !

Everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.

Loneliness is better than bad company.

One of the hardest things in life is watching the person you love, love someone else.

I am not worthy of being in love…

Never waste your feelings on someone who doesn’t value them.

I tried really hard, I promise. But one day I just woke up and I couldn’t handle it anymore

Sadly, there are people who only love you because they need you.

We all live at the mercy of our emotions. Our emotions influence and shape our desires, thoughts and behaviors and above all our destiny.

The sad reality is when you needed someone the most, you will find them either their backs turned on you or they are gone.

If you could read my mind you would be in tears.

It’s sad when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were

I miss you, but I think I’m done waiting.

The saddest thing in the world, is loving someone who used to love you.

I guess I’m pretty emotional.

I fought to keep your love,you didn�t fight to keep mine.That�s the difference between you and me.

Breaking up is just like having the worst nightmare after having the best dream.

He taught me how to love, but not how to stop.

Being in-love with someone who doesnt want you is the worst feeling ever.

This is the problem with getting attached to someone. When they leave, you just feel lost.

Silence is often times an indication of screaming rage caged within the bars of the heart.

I am sick and tired of being strong…!!

Temporary happiness isn’t worth long term pain…

Sometimes it’s hard to love someone because you’re so afraid of losing them.

I hate it when crying is the only way to feel better

There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.

I hate it when I have so much to say but I can’t put in words.

I tried to forget you, but the harder I tried, the more I thought about you2

Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.

The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.

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