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65+ Kick-Ass Beard Quotes to Celebrate The Beard | Beard Status

Although today the beard has become an essential trend – increasingly implemented in all types of men, do not go to believe that it is a fad. The beard is linked to the male sex since man is male (and that’s been a while!). Since the beginning of fashion and the human being began to take care of his appearance, the man has been concerned to always wear a nice beard. Or cut it, if so indicated by the canons and social uses of the time. Here is a collection of top beard quotes and status. So boys choose your quote you like the most. If you like it feel free to share it.

With great Beard comes great responsibility!

Sometimes I think about shaving, but then I think, ‘NAH. I like my legs the way they are’

Our character tells the world you are a real man. Your beard is mostly the exclamation point.

I’m Sorry; I can’t hear you over my awesome beard.

Time is measured in days,weeks and beards..

Don’t envy someones beard, grow your own.

Some fathers teach their sons to shave.. others teach them to be men.

Men don’t cry, they water their beard !

You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need balls and a beard.

When a bearded man is around I can’t keep Calm.

Growing a beard is a habit most natural, scriptural, manly and beneficial.

You don’t question the beard, The beard questions you.

Beards are the new six packs.

The scruffier your beard, the sharper you need to dress.

Sum Guy’s wear a suit to look important, I grew a beard.

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A beard is a gift you give your face.

If your dad doesn’t have a beard, you’ve got two Mums.

I have got 99 problems but my beard aint one.

The beard tells the world that you spend more time.. in Morning Prayer than morning primping.

Hey there! I am using Beard.

The beard isn’t novel, it’s natural. But your continued efforts to maintain a boyish look by shaving your face, is truly a peculiar habit.

Any man can start a beard… A true man never finishes one.

Grow a beard. Then we’ll talk.

Men who think beards are too itchy, will find manhood too heavy.

To be happy is to have a beard.


Vikings, Santa, Lincoln. Need i say more?

You call it facial hair, I call it awesomeness escaping through my face.

Grow what your father gave you.

Life is better with beard.

Growing a beard is a habit most natural, scriptural, manly and beneficial.

Ideas are born from beard stroke.

Without men there will be no beard & Without beard there will be no men.

A man who can grow a beard is the kind of man you want to with because a man who has patience to grow a beard has the patience to deal with your shit.

The beard signifies the courageous. The beard distinguishes the grown men. The earnest. The active. The vigorous.

To be happy is to have a beard.

Kissing a man with a beard is a lot like going to a picnic.You don’t mind going through a little brush to get there.

The beard signifies the courageous.

Real men grow their own scarf.

One can always trust a man with a well grown beard.

Pitty the BEARDLESS !!

97% of women prefer men with beards..the other 3% do too.

Grow it with care. Wear it with pride.

So you don’t like my beard? thats ok, I didn’t grow it for you.

Business on top. Party on bottom.

Beard making ugly men handsome since the beginning of time.

A man without beard is like lion without mane.

He who sacrifices his beard for a woman deserves neither.

Growing a beard is a habit most natural, scriptural, manly and beneficial.

I had a beard way before it was fashionable.

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